Tableau connection for Shopify and Google Analytics

Easily integrate Shopify with Tableau using Google Analytics

Tableau dashboard for Shopify sales

Send accurate Shopify data to your Tableau dashboard

  • Fix your Shopify tracking with Littledata
  • Server-side tracking for 100% accuracy
  • Benchmark your ecommerce performance in the Littledata app
  • Send the data to Google Analytics and model it in Tableau

Shopify connections for Google Analytics

Connect your Shopify data with Google Analytics

Scale faster with the only Shopify app that audits your analytics and fixes your Shopify tracking in Google Analytics.

  • Easy setup (no developer required)
  • Features include an analytics audit and smart connections
  • Enterprise plans for account management and custom reporting
  • Optimized for Shopify Plus

ecommerce data in tableau

Better ecommerce reporting in Tableau

Tableau's popular Google Analytics connection is a professional way to visualize ecommerce data. Littledata improves the data quality with seamless connections for Shopify, Recharge, Facebook Ads and more.

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