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Brands deserve complete sales and marketing data

Wondering why Shopify doesn’t match Google Analytics? Littledata is a plug-and-play tracking solution for modern DTC brands. Go beyond simple marketing attribution with complete tracking across the user journey.

  • Server-side tracking for unbiased attribution
  • Track every order, subscription, upsell and refund
  • Support from a top-rated analytics team
  • Own the data in Google Analytics and paid channels like Meta and TikTok

Ready to scale? The time is now.

From paid channels to upsells and subscriptions, Littledata was built from the ground up to eliminate manual tagging so you can spend more time growing your business. Unlock the power of server-side tracking with the proven solution for Shopify and BigCommerce.

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100+ five-star reviews
“We recommend Littledata to our clients to ensure the data we reference for A/B testing is reliable.”
“A sparkling GA4 setup allows us to make quick and informed decisions for our clients. We highly recommend Littledata!”
“For more robust Google Analytics reporting, we recommend using Littledata to track recurring orders.”
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Deep integration with Google Analytics 4

Automatic integration with GA4 and Shopify/BigCommerce for event-based tracking. This means you can accurately track and monitor all aspects of your ecommerce store, from product sales and customer behavior to marketing attribution and performance.

Lifetime value calculated for you

Say goodbye to guessing games and manual spreadsheets. Littledata sends accurate customer lifetime value (LTV) data to the tools you already use, including Google Analytics, Segment, and Facebook Conversions API.

New headless build? We can track that.

Littledata goes beyond quick fixes to provide complete tracking across sales, marketing and customer behavior. From one-off purchases to refunds and recurring orders, understand performance on a deeper level.

Improve Google and social ad performance

  • 100% event tracking—no missed events for remarketing
  • Optimize audience building with accurate data
  • Send data directly to Segment or Google Analytics to build audiences and ads from your ecommerce store
  • Send data directly to Facebook Event’s Manager from Shopify or BigCommerce

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