Track more customers. Boost performance

Increase ROI for Google, Meta and Klaviyo
Empower your team with data they can trust

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Track more customers. Boost performance
shopify to klaviyo intergration

Retarget abandoned carts

Boost abandoned cart and abandoned browse flows in Klaviyo, using Littledata's enhanced identity resolution to track browsing behavior of your opted-in email list.

Google Analytics integration

Optimize every channel

Connect Littledata's app to Google, Klaviyo, Meta, TikTok, and Pinterest to start optimizing marketing channels.

Our team of experts is ready to show you how ridiculously easy we make it.

Empower your team with first-party data they can use

Proven tracking is at your finger tips and the result is enriched data that ecommerce teams can use to win more business and retain more customers.

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Littledata Cloud and Connections

Target high-value shoppers

Our tracking gives you a clear picture of all your customers and the journey they take to purchase.

Boost Lifetime Value (LTV) and lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by properly segmenting, targeting, and using data in marketing platforms.

How much revenue are you NOT tracking?
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You could be missing9% of your revenue data:
Tracked without Littledata
Littledata Assisted Revenue
A LittledataPlusplan would pay for itself17times over, assuming you use this Assisted Revenue to get a 10% boost in marketing efficiency.
Send accurate data to Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

No more dumb ads

It's time to run smarter ads. Don't waste ad spend on customers who don't engage or already purchased.

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