Headless Shopify tracking

Littledata tracks headless Shopify setups in Segment or Google Analytics

Server-side tracking

Server-side tracking for accurate data

Whether you have a basic headless Shopify setup or something more complex, Littledata uses server-side tracking for accurate sales data and marketing attribution.

  • Order events
  • Checkout events
  • Subscription lifecycle events
  • Marketing attribution

Headless Shopify tracking

Headless Shopify tracking in Google Analytics

Headless commerce doesn't have to mean missing data. Littledata's Shopify to Google Analytics connection works with headless setups to capture enhanced ecommerce events and ensure a complete data match between Shopify and Google Analytics. It just requires a few extra setup steps.

Headless Shopify tracking in Segment

Headless Shopify tracking in Segment

Using Segment as the CDP for your headless commerce setup? No problem. Littlerdata's Shopify to Segment connection can automatically track headless Shopify with just a couple of extra setup steps.

Headless tracking for Shopify checkout

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