Looker Studio Ecommerce Report for Google Analytics 4

Build better reports in Looker Studio with best in class tracking from Littledata

Shopify Looker Template

Looker Studio ecommerce template for Google Analytics 4

Once your tracking and data collection is sorted using Littledata try using our complimentary Looker Studio Report Template for Google Analytics 4, which includes:

  • Sales Performance Report
  • Source/Medium Report
  • Shopping Behavior Funnel
  • Checkout Behavior Funnel
  • Purchasers Across Channels

Learn how each can help your business in understanding key ecommerce metrics used by top performing DTC brands!

looker ga4

Sales Performance Report:

Provides revenue information for each order ID, including shipping and tax details. Requires manual setup in GA4.

looker ga4

Source/Medium Report

Analyzes traffic sources driving visitors to your website.

shopping behavior funnel

Shopping Behavior Funnel

Identifies where users are dropping off in their buying journey.

checkout behavior funnel

Checkout Behavior Funnel

Tracks user movement through each step of the checkout process, including exits, entrances, and drop-offs.

purchasers across channels

Purchasers Across Channels

Compares monthly performance of different channels based on selected date range.

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