Triple Whale vs Google Sales Channel

Is Triple Whale or Google Sales Channel a better data solution for Shopify brands?

Triple Whale competitors

What is Triple Whale?

Triple Whale allows you to easily manage and automate analytics, attribution, merchandising, forecasting & more — in the palm of your hand. Triple Whale connects Shopify to and undefined, and is used by 18,000 Shopify sites.

Google Sales Channel competitors

What is Google Sales Channel?

Shopify has a built in free connector for Analytics and Ads as part of the Google & YouTube Sales Channel. This was built in 2023 and is maintained by Shopify. Google Sales Channel - formerly known as Shopify Trekkie - connects Shopify to Google Analytics and Google Ads, and is used by 2.80M Shopify sites.

You could use both Google Sales Channel for accurate data, and Triple Whale for reporting

Overall Triple Whale vs Google Sales Channel comparison

FeatureTriple WhaleGoogle Sales Channel
Overall benefits
Marketing reporting✔️minus
Proprietary attribution model✔️minus
Fully automatic, no code setup✔️✔️
Customer data to marketing platforms✔️✔️
30 day free trialminus✔️
Fully privacy compliantminus✔️
Supported destinations
Google Analyticsminus✔️
Google Adsminus✔️
Benefits of Littledata
Littledata has been trusted by leading Shopify brands since 2017 for reliable server-side tracking.
100% of revenue tracked
Enhanced identity resolution
Connectors for all popular marketing channels
Comparing Triple Whale against Google Sales Channel
Does Triple Whale work with Shopify?

Yes, Triple Whale is installed on 18,000 Shopify sites according to the latest stats from BuiltWith.

How does Google Sales Channel work?

The Google & YouTube Sales Channel implements free and basic Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for Google Analytics.

Does Google Sales Channel work with Shopify?

Yes, Google Sales Channel is installed on 2.80M Shopify sites according to the latest stats from BuiltWith.

Is Triple Whale suitable for Enterprise brands?

Triple Whale is used by 72 sites in the top 100,000 globally - so this solution is likely suitable for Enterprise scale brands.

Is Google Sales Channel suitable for Enterprise brands?

Google Sales Channel is used by 1500 sites in the top 100,000 globally - so this solution is likely suitable for Enterprise scale brands.

Which marketing tools does Triple Whale support?

Triple Whale does not send data into the marketing tools but instead pulls insight from them.

Which marketing tools does Google Sales Channel support?

Google Sales Channel supports Google Analytics and Google Ads.

Who owns Triple Whale?

Triple Whale is an independent private company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Maxx Blank is Triple Whale's CEO.

Who owns Google Sales Channel?

Google Sales Channel is owned by Shopify and run out of Ontario, Canada.

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