The Shopify app for accurate revenue tracking

Server-side tracking for Shopify and Shopify Plus. Boost your marketing performance

Shopify app for tracking

Data you can trust

The Shopify app which tracks 100% of revenue into all your marketing channels.

Reliable server-side data for better targeting in Google, Meta, Klaviyo, TikTok and more.

Shopify app for Google Analytics

Improve your Google Analytics setup

Grow your DTC brand by adding Littledata' Shopify app to your store.

Our Shopify app automates the setup process for the best of client-side and server-side tracking.

The result is improved data quality accessible in the tools you already use to boost performance and make decisions.

Shopify app for Conversions API

Shopify App for Conversions API

Automatically connect our Shopify app to Meta Conversions API (CAPI), TikTok CAPI and Pinterest CAPI. Get higher performing paid social campaigns.

Littledata Shopify Tracking

Shopify App for ecommerce tracking

Complete tracking for online sales and marketing, including:

  • Order volumes in Shopify match Google Analytics
  • Marketing attribution for online sales
  • Ecommerce details like product list position and adds-to-cart
  • Site search

Shopify app for server-side

The easiest way to set up server-side tracking

Embrace server-side tracking to gain clearer insights into user behavior, ensure reliable revenue reporting, enhance website loading speeds, and accelerate your business growth.

What’s wrong with Shopify’s current reports?

Shopify Analytics reporting on marketing attribution simplistic, and won’t let you view the contribution of multiple marketing campaigns or customer journey. Shopify marekting attribution is often incomplete, so the most successful Shopify and Shopify Plus stores use Google Analytics reporting to maximize ROI. Littledata's Shopify connection ensures accurate data.

Doesn’t Shopify already link with Google Analytics?

It does, but the information is incomplete. Not all the sales will be captured in Google Analytics, or attributed to the correct campaign. Without Littledata, you are also missing essential details like click-through rate (CTR) and add-to-cart rate for individual products.

Which events does your Shopify App track?

The Littledata Shopify app uses a smart script and server-side tracking to capture complete user behaviour details, from marketing channels to Enhanced Ecommerce checkout steps, including sales, refunds and recurring purchases. Events you can track

I’m drowning in data – how will another reporting app help?

Littledata isn't a reporting app. It's a Shopify app that automatically fixes tracking so that you can trust your data and focus on the most useful metrics for growth. Access reports in your favorite dashboard app or directly in Google Analytics. Enterprise plans include managed onboarding.

Ready to try the top Shopify app for revenue tracking?

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