Littledata vs Google Sales Channel

See why brands choose Littledata for their Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok ecommerce data.

Littledata vs Google Sales Channel

Unlock accurate attribution

Upgrade to Littledata with just the click of a button. Find out why Littledata is the top choice for Shopify and Shopify Plus. The proven server-side tracking solution since 2017.

You deserve accurate data in Google Analytics. With Littledata’s GA4 connection you get:

  • Server-side tracking to power your marketing channels
  • Complete revenue tracking, including recurring orders, refunds, upsells and gift codes
  • Ongoing support for the very best Google data quality for Shopify brands

Product Comparison for Littledata and Google Sales Channel

FeaturesLittledata 🐦Google Channel
Basic ecommerce events✔️✔️
No setup fees✔️✔️
Client-side and server-side tracking for complete sales data and marketing attribution✔️minus
All checkout funnel steps tracked✔️minus
Subscription tracking✔️minus
Upsell tracking✔️minus
LTV data in GA4✔️minus
GA4 Support✔️minus
GA4 TrainingWith Littledata Plus Planminus
Integrates with Twilio Segment✔️minus
Littledata Grind

Get app in minutes

Start saving right when you sign up with a free trial for 30-days no strings attached and 20% discount offered on annual plans. On average, a new customer takes about 10 minutes to self-onboard and set up with no developer or code needed.

Littledata Five Star

100% accurate data, automatically

Owning your own data has never been easier. With our app, you get vital marketing and sales data such as events, purchases, LTV, and AOV, subscriptions, upsells and more all sent into Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

The flexibility doesn't stop there – effortlessly share your data across various platforms like Segment, Google Ads, Meta’s Business Manager, TikTok, Pinterest, and even your data warehouse.

Are you missing conversions in GA4?

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