Littledata ‚ÄĒ the Triple Whale alternative for teams that prioritize accurate data

Join the thousands of merchants who choose Littledata for accurate tracking, analytics, and Facebook Conversions API for their data layer

FeaturesLittledata ūüź¶Triple Whale
Approved by Shopify
Fixes Tracking"Isn’t promising 100% accuracy" Taken from their website
Complete Marketing AttributionRelies on UTMs
30-Day Free Trial
Attribution for Subscription Orders
Facebook Conversions API
Works with GA4
Low Code
PricingBased on TransactionsBased on Revenue

A quick snapshot - Littledata is always humming in the background of your store

Triple Whale is a newly built product for ecommerce businesses that primarily offers data attribution and a dashboard that ‚Äúcentralizes the metrics from all the tools you use, right into your pocket." Littledata, however, focuses on delivering accurate data from your Shopify or BigCommerce store to Google Analytics (UA & GA4) as our priority‚ÄĒwhich offers a FREE dashboard and app used by millions that are built by Google. Even better, Littledata's reporting is future-proof, relying on server-side tracking and first-party data. You don't need to worry about cookie blockers or tracking prevention distorting your data.

Since 2017, top brands globally have chosen Littledata for its accurate tracking, strong customer service, and dependability. Correct tracking and analytics show you an accurate picture of events, purchases, LTV, and AOV for your customers directly in Google Analytics. You can view the data there or send it to other destinations like Segment, Google Ads, Meta’s Business Manager, and even your data warehouse!

Owning your data has never been easier than with Littledata. Plus, our tool fixes the problem that many merchants face when their Shopify analytics do not match what is in Google Analytics. Starting with truly accurate data first is the best path to improve marketing, optimization, and remarketing strategies‚ÄĒall while getting a complete picture of customer behavior from the landing page all the way through the checkout process.

Littledata: Pay based on the data you're using‚ÄĒnot your revenue

Start saving right when you sign up for a 30-day free trial, no strings attached, and get another 20% off with an annual subscription. On average, it takes a new customer just 10 minutes to self-onboard and set up Littledata on their store‚ÄĒwith no developer or coding needed.

Both Littledata and Triple Whale's pricing start at $99 a month. However, Triple Whale scales tiers by revenue while Littledata increases by transactions, meaning Littledata is charging by the actual data event and transaction‚ÄĒnot your last 12 months of revenue. That gives you the flexibility to grow revenue while keeping your data solution affordable.

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