How Littledata compares to Triple Whale

Littledata is not a reporting tool. We are the best in class app for Shopify revenue tracking.

How Littledata compares to Triple Whale
Google analytics 4 for Shopify

Get accurate revenue in platform

Triple Whale primarily offers marketing attribution and a dashboard. Littledata is not a reporting or visualization tool. Our focus is helping merchants own and control their marketing data.

Littledata's app harnesses client and server-side tracking for accurate revenue. We send data into the platforms you already use for reporting, ads, third party subscription apps, and more.

Different tools for different results.

FeaturesLittledata 🐦Triple Whale
Marketing reportingIn GA4✔️
Proprietary attribution modelUses GA4✔️
100% revenue tracking✔️"Isn’t promising 100% accuracy"
Attribution for Subscription Orders✔️minus
Facebook Conversions API✔️minus
TikTok Conversions API✔️minus
Pinterest Conversions API✔️minus
Enhanced Klaviyo audiences✔️minus
30-Day Free Trial✔️minus
How much revenue are you NOT tracking?
What's your annual revenue online?
Which of types of orders do you want to track? Select all that apply.
Recovered web orders
Recurring orders
Draft orders
Other sales channels
You could be missing 9% of your revenue data:
Tracked without Littledata
Littledata Assisted Revenue
On aPlusplan Littledata would pay for itself34times per year, assuming you use this Assisted Revenue to get a 10% boost in marketing efficiency.
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Why choose Littledata?

Since 2017, leading brands trust Littledata for unmatched accuracy, exceptional customer support, and reliability.\

  • Accurate Tracking: Track purchases, customer Lifetime Value (LTV), and Average Order Value (AOV) with precision.
  • Data Integration: Easily access your data in Google Analytics or export it to platforms like Segment, Google Ads, Meta’s Business Manager, and your data warehouse.
  • Fix Revenue Mismatches: Say goodbye to discrepancies between Shopify and Google Analytics. Start with accurate data to enhance your marketing, optimization, and retargeting strategies.
  • Complete Customer Journey Insight: Get a full view of customer behavior from landing to checkout, improving your decision-making and strategy development.

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