Littledata vs Popsixle

Is Littledata or Popsixle a better data solution for Shopify brands?

Littledata competitors

What is Littledata?

Littledata's automated server-side tracking makes it ridiculously easy for DTC brands to connect marketing channels with customer data. Top Shopify brands like Rothy's, Geologie and Jaxxon use Littledata to capture more revenue and accelerate growth. Littledata connects Shopify to Google Analytics, Meta Ads, TikTok, Pinterest, Klaviyo, Google Ads and Segment, and is used by 2,100 Shopify sites.

Popsixle competitors

What is Popsixle?

Popsixle fixes the data you're sending to Facebook and Instagram so it knows who your best customers are. Scale your revenue with better audiences and conversion tracking. Popsixle connects Shopify to Meta Ads only, and is used by 500 Shopify sites.

Overall Littledata vs Popsixle comparison

Overall benefits
30 day free trial✔️minus
Fully privacy compliant✔️minus
Identity resolution / session enrichment✔️✔️
Server-side tracking✔️✔️
Customer data to marketing platforms✔️✔️
Fully automatic, no code setup✔️minus
Automatic tracking of checkout extensibility✔️minus
Supported destinations
Google Analytics✔️minus
Meta Ads✔️✔️
Google Ads✔️minus

Meta Ads comparison

Comparing Littledata against Popsixle's solution for Meta Ads

Key benefits
100% accurate revenue in Meta✔️minus
Boost to Event Match Quality Score✔️✔️
Pre-purchase audiences based on first-party data✔️minus
Target subscriptions vs one-time purchases✔️minus
Added to Cart trigger
Via Conversions API✔️✔️
Checkout steps
Via Conversions API✔️✔️
Includes all checkout steps✔️✔️
Purchase event
Via Conversions API✔️✔️
Includes post-purchase upsells✔️minus
Includes recurring orders✔️✔️
Filters to exclude orders from some channels✔️✔️
Benefits of Littledata
Littledata has been trusted by leading Shopify brands since 2017 for reliable server-side tracking.
100% of revenue tracked
Enhanced identity resolution
Connectors for all popular marketing channels
Comparing Littledata against Popsixle
How does Littledata work?

Littledata uses a combination of browser tracking and a server-to-server connection to ensure 100% of revenue is tracked, and that the purchase can be linked to the pre-checkout user journey.

Does Littledata work with Shopify?

Yes, Littledata is installed on 2,100 Shopify sites according to the latest stats from BuiltWith.

Does Popsixle work with Shopify?

Yes, Popsixle is installed on 500 Shopify sites according to our estimates.

Is Littledata suitable for Enterprise brands?

Littledata is used by 39 sites in the top 100,000 globally - so this solution is likely suitable for Enterprise scale brands.

Is Popsixle suitable for Enterprise brands?

Popsixle is used by 25 sites in the top 100,000 globally - so this solution is unlikely to be appropriate for Enterprise brands.

Which marketing tools does Littledata support?

Littledata supports Google Analytics, Meta Ads, TikTok, Pinterest, Klaviyo, Google Ads and Segment.

Which marketing tools does Popsixle support?

Popsixle supports Meta Ads only.

Who owns Littledata?

Littledata is an independent private company headquartered in London, UK. Edward Upton is Littledata's CEO.

Who owns Popsixle?

Popsixle is an independent private company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Noah King is Popsixle's CEO.

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