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Littledata is the proven tracking solution for Shopify. Find out why more merchants trust our server-side tracking to power their data in Google Analytics (GA4), BigQuery, Looker Studio, Segment, Facebook Ads, Google Ads.

Server-side tracking in GA4

Server-side tracking for GA4

Get complete data in GA4, from marketing channels through checkout funnel steps, repeat purchases and LTV. Capture every conversion plus details like refunds, subscriptions, upsells and SHOP purchases. Littledata's top-rated server-side tracking works automatically for Shopify stores.

Subscription tracking

Subscription tracking

Littledata tracks recurring orders from popular Shopify apps like Recharge, Bold, Awtomic, Smartrr, Skio, Stay Ai and Ordergroove. Improve CRO and subscriber LTV with complete subscription tracking and marketing attribution for recurring orders.

Multi-currency support

Multi-currency tracking

Get accurate multi-currency data whether you're selling with multiple Shopify country stores or Shopify Markets.

Headless Shopify tracking

Headless Shopify tracking

Littledata makes it easy to track headless Shopify setups in Segment, Facebook and Google Analytics, including GA4. Scale the smart way with unified data.

Accurate marketing attribution

Complete marketing attribution

Trace every ecommerce order back to the original marketing channel. Understand ROAS and build better audiences with complete sales and marketing data in Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

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