The best Google Analytics tracking for Shopify

100% accurate revenue in Google Analytics with server-side tracking

Google Analytics 4
Google Analytics tracking for Shopify

The easiest way to set up server-side tracking

Embrace server-side tracking to gain clearer insights into user behavior, ensure reliable revenue reporting, enhance website loading speeds, and accelerate your business growth.


Unlock the power of Google Analytics

Littledata's app integrates with Shopify and many popular Shopify apps to provide complete data capture.

  • Track conversions and checkout funnel events in Shopify
  • Track organic channels like Klaviyo, Attentive, and Postscript
  • Track upsells from apps like Rebuy and Zipify
  • Track subscriptions and differentiate recurring orders from apps like Recharge

Google Analytics 4

Why use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics (GA4) offers enterprise-level reporting completely free, making it easier to analyse marketing and make smart decisions.

  • Out-the-box ecommerce reports, including product and campaign performance
  • Easily connect Google Ads for audience building and targeting
  • Easily connect BigQuery and Looker Studio for fast, flexible reporting

10 Reasons to Switch to Google Analytics 4

10 Reasons to Switch to Google Analytics 4

In this free download we uncover:

  • The top benefits GA4 has in store
  • How GA4’s new features improve on UA
  • How marketing attribution works in GA4
  • How to seamlessly send Shopify or BigCommerce data to GA4

Frequently Asked Questions


Doesn't Shopify have Google Analytics tracking already?

Shopify offers default tracking via the Google & YouTube Channel. It's ok for smaller stores, but it's missing key steps of the customer journey and accuracy in tracking products and revenue. Here are some useful resources:


What does Littledata track that isn't available with Shopify's Google Channel?

Littledata uses server-side tracking to capture and collect every order, including subscriptions and refunds. This gives you accurate, granular data about where users come from, buying behavior (including details like product list views and checkout funnel steps), subscriptions, orders, refunds, and much more! Check out our Google Analytics connection overview.


Is there a free trial?

Yes! Littledata offers Shopify stores a free 30-day trial on all plans, with no commitment. If you're looking for more support, we recommend booking a Littledata Plus demo.

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