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We are a leader in ecommerce analytics and provide Shopify merchants a plug-n-play solution for client-side and server-side tracking.

Littledata Assisted Revenue (LAR) empowers merchants with 100% revenue tracking and the ability to customize their data destinations in a few clicks.

How much revenue are you NOT tracking?
What's your annual revenue online?
Which of types of orders do you want to track? Select all that apply.
Recovered web orders
Recurring orders
Draft orders
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You could be missing 9% of your revenue data:
Tracked without Littledata
Littledata Assisted Revenue
On aPlusplan Littledata would pay for itself34times per year, assuming you use this Assisted Revenue to get a 10% boost in marketing efficiency.

No more guess work.

Easier than ever to see how Littledata assists the capture of revenue for your business.

Littledata assisted revenue dashboard

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What you could be missing without enhanced tracking

Advanced EventsWith LittledataBasic Tracking
Reccuring Orders (Subscriptions)✔️minus
Point of Sale (POS)✔️minus
Draft Orders✔️minus
Reconciled Web Orders✔️minus
External Platforms✔️minus
Total Revenue✔️20-30% missing on average
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