Are you investing in the right marketing channels?

Littledata provides a fix where Google Analytics fails: tracing every Shopify order back to its original marketing channel

Littledata Shopify app fixes Google Analytics tracking

With Littledata's solution for Shopify marketing attribution, get actionable insights from your Google Analytics reports and make better marketing decisions for your store:

  • Spend more on the campaigns that do work
  • Cut spend on the ones that don't
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Invest only in the marketing channels that work

By attributing every order to a marketing campaign, you can invest in the channels that bring you the best ROI. Unfortunately, Google Analytics loses the link between a customer choosing a product, checkout, and payment. Littledata fixes this by linking together every customer browsing session with their actual payment (completed checkout).

How does it work?
shopify google analytics data mismatch

The problem with Google Analytics attribution

Even though GA shows site traffic by channel, it automatically attributes your Shopify orders to ‘Direct’ without specifying orders by marketing campaign or channel. In other words, you're probably investing time and money into campaigns that are bringing you little-to-no ROI. Current Littledata users can now add Google Analytics 4 at no additional cost.

shopify marketing attribution

How Littledata links sales & campaigns with accuracy

Littledata automatically stitches together every order with an original source (marketing channel). By working on top of Shopify, Littledata's app provides 100% reliable and accurate marketing attribution for every transaction. Littledata users can see:

  • Orders attributed to separate channels (Facebook, Google, etc.) How many shoppers end up converting Order ratios

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Accurate shopify tracking across the tech stack

Automated connections with sales & marketing apps

Pull everything into Google Analytics with seamless connections to Recharge, Facebook Ads, Google Ads (AdWords), Refersion, CartHook and more. And if you're selling products by subscription, our Recharge integration will make your life 10x easier.

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Accurate Shopify tracking in Google Analytics

Don't just fix your attribution...

With our Shopify app, get complete tracking for online sales and marketing, including:

  • Order volumes in Shopify match Google Analytics
  • Ecommerce details like product list position and adds to cart

What you can track
Shopify Plus Google Analytics tracking

Scale faster with an enterprise plan

Get the data you need with support to help you scale. Littledata's popular enterprise plans include monthly and annual options for personalized account management, custom setup and reporting.

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Shopify to Facebook Conversions API integration

Improve tracking with Facebook Conversions API

Measure ad performance and attribution more accurately across your customer’s full journey, from discovery to conversion.

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