Top Google Analytics app for subscription analytics

Subscription based ecommerce is easier when you make better decisions, driven by data

Tracking Subscriptions in Google Analytics

Tracking Subscriptions in Google Analytics

Littledata allows you to connect with the top subscription apps and tools in the game, including front runners like Recharge, Smartrr, Rally, Awtomic, Ordergroove, Bold, and Upscribe. Add any of these tools to your Shopify or Shopify Plus store to connect directly to Google Analytics.

Fix your tracking

Fix your tracking across the entire customer journey

  • Track one-time orders, first-time payments, and recurring transactions
  • Measure LTV by product, channel, or source
  • Track multiple checkout funnels with 100% accuracy
  • Accurate marketing attribution insights for one-time and subscription orders
  • Complete tracking for headless setups

Better subscription analytics

Get the guide to better subscription analytics

Every decision for your ecommerce store should be backed by data, and your subscription offerings are no exception. Download The DTC Guide to Subscription Analytics and learn how to:

  • Track subscriptions with precision and accuracy
  • Scale your business with the top subscription metrics
  • Find the tools you need to succeed

"If you're selling products by subscription, you need Littledata"

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