Multi-currency support for Shopify and BigCommerce

Get accurate multi-currency tracking in GA4 with Littledata's secret sauce

International currency tracking

Complete multi-currency tracking in GA4

Littledata makes it easy to track shopping behavior, acquisition channels and checkout flows in Google Analytics, whether you’re selling in one country or around the world. With complete integration for GA4, the newest version of Google Analytics, it's time to do more with your data.

Advanced google analytics integration for Shopify ecommerce

GA4 integration for multiple country stores and Shopify Markets

Running multiple country stores with different shop currencies? Whether your using multiple Shopify country stores or Shopify Markets, we've got you covered. Littledata’s tracking script ensures data accuracy in Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

  • Automatic conversions to store currency
  • Track cart events and checkout steps
  • All orders and refunded items sent to Google Analytics in shop currency
  • Track in multiple properties or one unified property (roll up)

BigCommerce multi-storefront tracking GA4

Track BigCommerce Multi-Storefront in GA4

As one of the first apps to be approved as Multi-Storefront Compatible by the BigCommerce team, Littledata was early to the game with multi-channel tracking in GA4.

  • Track all of your country stores or microsites
  • Capture data from all of your storefronts, directly in Google Analytics
  • Capture 100% of orders, including repeat purchases and refunds
  • Roll up into one property or track separately

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