Our customers say it best

Brands using Littledata are getting real results from tracking accurate revenue and customer touchpoints in Shopify, Klaviyo, Google and more

Our customers say it best
Littledata Grind Coffee

How Grind scaled DTC sales 50x with Littledata

Grind aimed to turn their offline customers into online shoppers, but they were struggling to connect marketing channels with customer behavior. See how Littledata's tracking helped the popular London-based coffee brand scale faster with Shopify and Recharge subscriptions and double down on growth with Klaviyo email marketing.

Smiths Teamaker Shopify beverage brand

How Smith Teamaker increased browse abandonment revenue by 95%

Smith Teamaker, renowned for its high-quality teas and ethical sourcing, shifted from wholesale to DTC ecommerce during the pandemic. To sustain this growth, they installed Littledata’s Klaviyo Integration for Shopify, significantly enhancing abandoned browse targeting and increasing revenue from Klaviyo emails.

Homegoods Shopify brand Red Land Cotton

How Red Land Cotton boosted Klaviyo revenue 27% with Littledata

Red Land Cotton is a high-AOV Shopify brand selling American-made bedding and towels. Before using Littledata, they weren't able to get reliable information about high-intent shoppers or which product category had been abandoned. See how Littledata's Klaviyo integration helped them scale faster and create top-performing Klaviyo flows.

Jaxxon Chains Revenue

How Jaxxon boosted Instagram revenue 75% with Littledata

Jaxxon used Littledata to solve two problems at once for Shopify, Google and Meta: 100% visibility of revenue and conversion tracking, and better retargeting to improve paid campaigns. See how the jewelry brand grow revenue while eliminating wasted spend.

drift co air care shopify

How Drift captured 12% more revenue with Littledata

Drift used Littledata to scale Shopify and Recharge revenue both before and after being acquired by Scentbird. "We found Littledata the ideal solution to fix our data mismatches and set up server-side tracking without requiring the team to spend any time or money on setup"

Littledata Rothy’s

How Rothy’s became an ecommerce unicorn with a data-driven strategy

See how Littledata's Shopify source for Segment has saved Rothy's time and enabled a more successful growth strategy across online and offline (Shopify POS) sales.

jericho coffee traders tracking data

How Jericho Coffee Traders grew over 165% with Littledata

Learn how this UK-based coffee roaster grew its DTC channel by leveraging Littledata's Shopify app to track and connect accurate data to its existing tools like Bold, Klaviyo, and Google Analytics. See how they used the data to target high-intent audiences across channels.

Littledata johnnie-O Clothing

How johnnie-O enabled Shopify personalization with Littledata and Segment

johnnie-O knew they needed to address their customer data challenges, but weren’t sure how or what steps to take next. That's when they reached out to the Velir agency who discovered a perfect tech stack to bring their data game to the next level: Littledata, Shopify and the Segment CDP.


How Geologie used Littledata to increase customer retention by over 25%

Learn how Geologie cleaned up their Klaviyo and Recharge subscription data with Littledata. Focusing on retention and LTV data in GA4 (Google Analytics), they scaled the smart way by marketing to high-value customers.

origin coffee

How Origin Coffee used Littledata to drive 100% subscriber growth

Find out how tracking the customer journey across Shopify and Recharge directly in Google Analytics paved the digital roadway for Origin Coffee. Fixing their analytics for accurate attribution and tracking all of their core ecommerce metrics automatically let them improve both paid and organic channels -- it was a win-win.

Littledata Flux Footwear

How Flux Footwear used Littledata to 5x online revenue

Talk about putting your best foot forward! See how Flux Footwear used Littledata to launch and scale their Shopify store. Leveraging accurate customer insights across Google (GA4 and Googel Ads) and Meta (with the Facebook Conversions API), they skyrocketed from zero to six figure revenue in less than a year. And that was just the beginning.

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