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Learn how the top DTC brands are leveraging accurate data for ecommerce growth

Littledata Flux Footwear

The six-figure fix: How clean data fueled Flux Footwear's growth

Talk about putting your best foot forward! Join us in this deep dive with Flux Footwear to see how they launched their Shopify store using Littledata for tracking and accurate data, saving valuable time and resources along the way, and fueling their 500% revenue growth.

How Jericho Coffee Traders grew over 165% focusing on subscriptions and LTV

Learn how this UK-based coffee roaster grew its DTC channel by leveraging Littledata's Shopify app to track and connect accurate data to its existing tools like Bold, Klaviyo, and Google Analytics 4. Giving them the ability to target, expand, and optimize their campaigns.

Littledata Grind Coffee

Grind scales DTC sales 50x in three months

Grind pivoted, implemented subscriptions, and Littledata's tracking to bring a business that was initially brick-and-mortar to the online DTC space. This strategy did wonders to their growth—but don't just take our word for it—grab a cup of coffee and dive into the story.

Littledata johnnie-O Clothing

johnnie-O builds personalized users experience with Shopify, Littledata and Segment

johnnie-O knew they needed to address their customer data challenges, but weren’t sure how or what steps to take next. That's when they reached out to the Velir agency who discovered a perfect tech stack to bring their data game to the next level. Learn how Littledata's Segment integration was a match made in heaven for their data needs.

Littledata Rothy’s

How Rothy’s became an ecommerce unicorn with a data-driven strategy powered by Littledata

Insights into Rothy's building the design and implementation of their data strategy, the massive role data played in their decision-making, and how Littledata has saved them time and enabled a more successful growth strategy.


How Geologie harnessed accurate subscription data to drive +25% customer retention

Learn how Geologie cleaned up their subscription data with Littledata and leveraged accurate subscription insights in Google Analytics to grow their revenue and boost their customer retention.

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