How Jericho Coffee Traders grew over 165% focusing on subscriptions and LTV

Jericho leveraged Littledata's LTV calculations to build powerful audiences for acquisition and retargeting

Littledata brewed up data and analytics for understanding highest LTV customers

Jericho Coffee Traders, a UK-based coffee roaster, has expanded to multiple cafes and selling DTC through their Shopify store including by subscription. To scale their growing subscriber base, they used Littledata's plug-a-play app to have visibility into their subscription sales, Shopify store customer journey, and marketing attribution in Google Analytics.

bold subscriptions

Built on Bold check-out and subscriptions

Jericho Coffee Traders was able to use Littledata out of the box with their third party tailored check-out tool, Bold. The benefits include:

  • Enable recurring payments and upsell one-time purchases into subscriptions in the same cart with tracking and ability to separate out one-time vs. recurring orders
  • Data sent from Shopify and Bold check-out to single source of truth in Google Analytics
  • Visibility to LTV by channel that is calculated automatically by Littledata
  • Full customer lifecycle events captured by Littledata

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