No more dumb ads

Build better audiences and target the right customers by sending your store data to the ad tools you use.

No more dumb ads

Paid Ads via Conversions API


TikTok to Shopify API (CAPI)

Pinterest Ads

Server-side tracking made easy

You don't need to hire a developer to implement server-side tracking. Our paid ad connections work automatically behind the scenes to enable better retargeting, reporting and audience building. Connect your store automatically to Meta, TikTok, and Pinterest in 5 minutes Serverside tracking for meta

Littledata vs Shopify sales channels

TrackingLittledataShopify sales channel
Page View✔️✔️
View Content✔️✔️
Server-side Purchase✔️Unreliable
Server-side Add to Cart✔️minus
Server-side Initiate Checkout✔️minus
Server-side Add Payment Info✔️minus
Recurring Purchases & Upsells✔️minus
Life Time Value (LTV) field✔️minus

Our conversion tracking goes places pixels can't

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