No more dumb ads
Build better audiences and target the right customers by sending your store data to the ad tools you use.
Client and Server-Side Tracking built by Shopify experts
Connect your store automatically to Meta, TikTok, and Pinterest in 5 minutes
Target and segment audiences—stop spending on customers that just purchased
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Server-side tracking made easy

With Littledata, you no longer need to hire an agency to implement server-side tracking. We were the first data platform designed specifically for ecommerce, and our paid ad connections work automatically behind the scenes to enable better retargeting, reporting and audience building.

100+ five-star reviews
Used by Flux Footwear
Setting up conversions api ourselves would have been a mess. Their app took us from $0-$150,000 in only a couple quarters from launch.
Flux Footwear
Used by Jaxxon
"Littledata and their team have been great to work with. It wasn't an easy thing to migrate all our analytics but the server side-tracking has resulted in cleaner data."
Used by Moerie
A very convenient app with tons of necessary integrations that we use. It's really cool to have data like Facebook's costs in GA with just a few clicks.

Run a campaign on us before you pay a nickle.

Littledata Meta Conversions API

Compare Meta Pixel to Littledata TrackingMeta PixelLittledata
Page View✔️✔️
View Content✔️✔️
Add to Cart✔️✔️
Initiate Checkout✔️✔️
Add Payment Info✔️✔️
PurchasePixel does track but roughly 20% of conversion events are reported missing100% of conversions are tracked via server-side tracking
Post Purchase Upsell✔️
Recurring Purchase✔️
Life Time Value (LTV)We send a parameter that contains the LTV of your customer.

Our conversion tracking goes places pixels can't

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