Can you risk making decisions based on bad data?

Ecommerce analytics were broken, so we built a better way. Trust your data and grow faster with Littledata's server-side tracking.

How much revenue are you NOT tracking?
What's your annual revenue online?
Which of types of orders do you want to track? Select all that apply.
Recovered web orders
Recurring orders
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Other sales channels
You could be missing 9% of your revenue data:
Tracked without Littledata
Littledata Assisted Revenue
On aPlusplan Littledata would pay for itself34times per year, assuming you use this Assisted Revenue to get a 10% boost in marketing efficiency.
Littledata for ecommerce managers

Littledata for ecommerce managers

Littledata makes Shopify or BigCommerce match Google Analytics, but that's just the beginning. Automatically connect tools like Klaviyo, Recharge and Facebook Ads.

Littledata for agencies

Littledata for agencies

Let Littledata automate your repetitive tasks, fix client tracking, and get accurate data for ecommerce growth.

Increase ROI and optimize ad spend with connections to Facebook Ads, Google Ads and more. See what happens post-click.

Littledata for founders

Littledata for founders

Data-driven strategies for your DTC brand with vital ecommerce metrics and a deep grasp of the entire customer journey.

Littledata, endorsed by founders and co-founders, stands out as the premier conversion tracking tool, elevating insights into their businesses and customer base.

Littledata for developers

Littledata for developers

Take advantage of Littledata's complete tracking and analytics audit tools. Web developers choose Littledata to power analytics for thousands of ecommerce sites around the world.

Give your customers accurate data for less than the cost of a daily coffee. Connect with Segment, GA, GA4, BigQuery, and any downstream data warehouse or reporting tool.

A modern approach to data tracking and collection
Visualize your data in any Google Analytics reporting tool or dashboard.
100% of conversions tracked
Power-up for Google Analytics 4 with Shopify data
Send accurate data to Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and others
Lifetime value calculated for you—for easier analysis
Littledata Plus

Littledata Plus

Designed for scale, Littledata Plus plans come with higher SLAs, managed onboarding and support from an analytics expert. We're here to help you get accurate, actionable data in the tools you already use.

Ready to get much more from Google Analytics?

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