Connect Shopify with Segment

Use Shopify as a Segment source with Littledata's smart ecommerce connection


Unlock the Power of Shopify Data in Segment with Littledata

Elevate your Shopify reporting with Littledata's intelligent tracking solution. Our advanced script captures every aspect of the customer journey, empowering you to maximize the potential of your Segment workspace.

Integrating Shopify into your Segment sources simplifies the process of incorporating Shopify data into comprehensive customer profiles.

Seamlessly share your Shopify data with various tools and effortlessly transfer your Shopify data to popular destinations like Google Analytics, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Heap, and more.

A modern approach to data tracking and collection
The Littledata app connects directly to your Shopify store to track, collect, and sends data to Twilio Segment
Client-side and Server-side tracking for 100% accuracy
Push Shopify customer data to any Twilio Segment destination
Capture every customer touch point, including checkout steps, sales data and customer lifetime value (LTV)
Install automatically with self-onboarding in about 10 minutes
build audiences segment

Making it easier to build audiences in Twilio Segment

Shopify is removing the ability to add third-party scripts to its new checkout, which includes adding Segment’s AnalyticsJS library for pageviews and events.

But don’t worry. Littledata’s server-side checkout tracking allows you to get fully accurate checkout conversion steps without any tagging of the checkout pages.

How much revenue are you NOT tracking?
What's your annual revenue online?
Which of types of orders do you want to track? Select all that apply.
Recovered web orders
Recurring orders
Draft orders
Other sales channels
You could be missing 9% of your revenue data:
Tracked without Littledata
Littledata Assisted Revenue
On aPlusplan Littledata would pay for itself34times per year, assuming you use this Assisted Revenue to get a 10% boost in marketing efficiency.
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