Supercharge your Food and Beverage brand with accurate data

Future ready your F&B business with accurate data and analytics on your customers behavior, demographics, and purchases.

Supercharge your Food and Beverage brand with accurate data
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Conversions and events are tracked and collected with precision

Food and Beverage brands are exploding as customers continue to demand innovative items to their doorstep. Accurate conversions, Life Time Value (LTV), and traffic from paid or organic channels is a must to build a growth foundation. Something you will not get with native tracking.

Jericho Coffee Traders Analytics

How Jericho Coffee Traders grew over 165% focusing on subscriptions and LTV

With a growing subscriber base, Jericho Coffee Traders used Littledata's plug-a-play app to have visibility into their subscription sales, Shopify store customer journey, and marketing attribution in Google Analytics 4.

Food and Beverage

Connect the dots with Littledata's integrations

We have intentionality behind our integrations.

We know what tools top brands are using to drive growth. From engagement, subscription, and paid ad campaigns we capture and send complete data from your platform source to top destinations.

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