Accurate Shopify Subscription Data for Coffee Brands

Harness accurate data from your subscribers at every touchpoint

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Accurate data, automatically for coffee subscription brands

If you're running a Shopify store, you need Littledata! Littledata is the leading analytics app for Shopify stores. With client-side and server-side tracking on all page views, any time a customer visits your site or interacts with one of your marketing channels, Littledata captures all of their transactions, even if they're using a subscription app like Recharge.

Grind Littledata

Grind scales DTC sales 50x with complete subscription data

Grind's Shopify store took off during the pandemic — offering their classic house blends in Nespresso-compatible pods, delivered directly to your doorstep. But what fueled Grind's DTC success? Learn how Grind harnessed accurate subscription insights to grow their online sales

Littledata Recharge

Powerful Integrations with third party subscription apps

Coffee subscriptions have unlimited potential for growth. Reports say that over 517 million cups of coffee are consumed daily in the US. Understanding your subscribers and their customer journey is crucial to scaling your business.

  • Automatically track first-time payments, recurring transactions, and subscription lifecycle events
  • Get marketing attribution for subscription revenue
  • Segment performance by payment source, subscription plan type, and product category
  • Custom dimensions to calculate customer lifetime value (CLV/LTV)

How Jericho Coffee Traders grew over 165% focusing on subscriptions and LTV

Littledata's app offers Jericho Coffee Traders valuable visibility into their subscription sales, customer journey, and marketing attribution. By leveraging these insights, they can make data-backed decisions to improve their operations, enhance the customer experience, and drive sustainable growth.

Coffee subscription analytics

Are you using LTV to drive revenue growth for your coffee brand?

For a coffee brand to succeed in ecommerce, understanding the concept of LTV, or customer lifetime value, is crucial. LTV refers to the total revenue generated by a customer over their entire relationship with the brand, and is an essential metric that informs decisions related to customer acquisition, retention, and pricing.

Start collecting data today at no cost with our 30 day free trial to identify these high-value customers.

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