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Littledata is for marketing leaders who desire a data-driven strategy. We help online stores connect with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Shopify to collect accurate data for better customer behavior insights throughout the customer journey — making key decisions easier than ever before!

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Check out these rave reviews about our "exceptional customer service" and how the app automatically enhances your Google Analytics data, even for headless Shopify Plus setups.

Why doesn't Google Analytics match Shopify data

Why Google Analytics Doesn't Match Your Shopify Data

Learn why you see costly data discrepancies in Google Analytics (UA + GA4) vs. Shopify's native data platform and how to fix them.

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Let's chat—free Google Analytics data audit

Trusted by 1,500+ top Shopify brands—learn what accurate data can do for your ecommerce store.

The Ecommerce Data Platform Marketers Love!

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Accurate ROI & attribution

Use actionable insights from Google Analytics to optimize ad spend, exceed ROI, and make informed decisions.

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Customer journey insights & tracking

100% accurate tracking for each customer touchpoint, including events, subscriptions, ads, and customer LTV.

Complete subscription analytics

Connect to Google Analytics and fully automate tracking of checkout flows, social channels, ads, and email campaigns.

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