Advanced Google Analytics integration for BigCommerce

Get accurate and detailed data about shopping behavior and marketing campaigns in Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Complete tracking in Universal Analytics and GA4

  • Works for UA and GA4 (track in parallel!)
  • Track complete Enhanced Ecommerce events, including product list views and clicks, adds-to-cart, checkout steps, orders and refunds
  • Multi-storefront compatible
  • GTM data layer works automatically
  • Automatically integrate with Recharge for subscription analytics

Advanced Google Analytics integration

Advanced Google Analytics integration designed specifically for BigCommerce storefronts

  • GTM Google Analytics data layer works automatically for your BigCommerce store
  • Client-side + server-side tracking for 100% accurate tracking
  • Complete marketing attribution
  • Upgrade to Littledata Plus for custom setup and a dedicated account manager

Automatic Recharge integration

Automatic Recharge integration

Track ecommerce subscriptions with our smart Recharge connection:

  • Automatically track one-off orders, first-time subscriptions and recurring transactions
  • Segment performance by payment source, subscription plan type, and product category
  • Get marketing attribution for subscription revenue
  • See the real ROI on paid and organic channels

BigCommerce Multi-Storefront Compatible

Multi-Storefront Compatible

Littledata was one of the first apps to be approved as Multi-Storefront Compatible by the BigCommerce team. Brands are using BC's new multi-storefront feature to manage multiple regions, customer segments or brands -- all managed from one place. But it can be difficult to track this correctly. Littledata fixes these issues automatically, gathering accurate data from all of your storefronts and sending it directly to Google Analytics.

Ultimate guide to BigCommerce data

Learn more in the ultimate guide to BigCommerce data

Learn To:

  • Get accurate marketing attribution insights in Google Analytics
  • Differentiate between first-time, one-off, and recurring orders
  • Learn from successful DTC brands using accurate data to grow their stores
  • Track the entire customer journey with plug-and-play integrations

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You could be missing 9% of your revenue data:
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On aPlusplan Littledata would pay for itself34times per year, assuming you use this Assisted Revenue to get a 10% boost in marketing efficiency.

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