Grind scales DTC sales 50x with complete subscription data

Learn how Grind seamlessly integrated their Shopify store with Recharge and Littledata to grow their DTC sales.

Grind Coffee Subscription

From brick-and-mortar to DTC

Initially known for their coffee shops across London, Grind's Shopify store took off during the pandemic — offering their classic house blends in Nespresso-compatible pods, delivered directly to your doorstep.

But what fueled Grind's DTC success? Learn how Grind harnessed accurate subscription insights to grow their online sales.

Littledata Connections Recharge Shopify

The tools that unlocked Grind's growth

"The ability to plug in off-the-shelf services like Recharge to offer our subscription service, then build very strong Shopify store themes, and plug that all together with Google Analytics by Littledata was really the foundation of the entire ecommerce business. We certainly couldn’t have done it without that."

— Ted Robinson, CMO @ Grind

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