How Geologie leveraged complete subscription analytics to drive customer loyalty

Learn how Geologie harnessed Littledata's Recharge to Google Analytics integration to drive revenue and retention.

Geologie Littledata

The key to scaling subscriptions

Geologie's personalized skin, hair, and body care solutions have customers consistently coming back for more.

But for Geologie to scale its subscriptions, reach its target market more precisely, and better understand its customer base, it needed accurate subscription analytics in the tools it already trusted.

With Littledata's Recharge integration for Google Analytics, Geologie unlocked insights to perfect its subscription model and scale its revenue and retention.

Putting its tech stack to work

Littledata was the missing piece in Geologie's tech stack, seamlessly capturing data across its Shopify store — including post-purchase events, like Recharge subscriptions — and sending complete data to Universal Analytics and Google Analytics in parallel.

“I had always looked at Littledata as a temporary solution, but given the complexity of bringing the development of our analytics in-house compared to the pricing and high level of support of Littledata, it really doesn’t make sense” —Stephen Racano, Head of Growth @ Geologie

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