The six-figure fix: How clean data fueled Flux Footwear's growth

Learn how Flux Footwear's data-driven approach has skyrocketed their sales

Flux Footwear

From zero to six-figures a month

Embracing research on the positive effects of barefoot shoes and the value of sustainability, Flux designs footwear that works in harmony with the natural state of bare feet.

Learn how Flux Footwear leveraged accurate customer insights across Google Analytics, GA4, and Facebook Conversions API to skyrocket their sales from zero to six-figures monthly in a year's time.

Littledata Connections

Data Layer Integration

"We launched Flux utilizing Littledata's integration and data layer. While they handled our data we were able to focus on other parts of the business. We're a little over a year old and with the help of Littledata, we've gone from generating six-figures of revenue in our first two quarters to doing six-figures a month. They've been our central tool for linking Google Analytics, Facebook Conversions API, and Shopify."

— Ben Loschen, co-founder @ Flux Footwear

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