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Do you trust your data? Littledata is an official listed app on BigCommerce and Google Analytics certified. Book a chat with one of our analytics experts and we'll show you:

  • Where your data output matches your current tracking plan, and where there are gaps
  • How to get unified data in Google Analytics (including GA4) and Facebook Ads via Conversions API (CAPI)
  • The best apps to help with getting accurate data (ie the "modern data stack")
  • How first-party tracking can help with both LTV reporting and marketing attribution

See where your tracking can improve

Book a free analytics audit and we'll take a look at your current tracking in both BigCommerce and Google Analytics, along with your tracking plan and GTM setup (if you're using Google Tag Manager). The audit is yours to keep for free! Book a call and we'll look at things like:

  • Duplicate tracking
  • Identity resolution
  • Cross-domain tracking
  • Checkout funnel steps
  • Revenue tracking and conversion goals

Still not sure? Dive into our BigCommerce Smart Connection Guide

Join us as we uncover the secrets to data-driven decision-making. Learn how to:

  • Get accurate marketing attribution insights in Google Analytics
  • Differentiate between first-time, one-off, and recurring orders
  • Learn from successful DTC brands using accurate data to grow their stores
  • Track the entire customer journey with plug-and-play integrations

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