Scale your Health and Wellness brand with accurate data

Empower your team to make decisions in realtime with our easy to install app for tracking and data collection.

Scale your Health and Wellness brand with accurate data
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Simplify your data tracking & analytics

Health and wellness brands are experiencing rapid growth as consumers continue to seek out cutting-edge products delivered right to their doorsteps.

To establish a strong foundation for growth brands need insights into conversions, Life Time Value (LTV), consumer behavior and traffic analysis from both paid and organic channels.

This level of insight cannot be achieved with native tracking alone on Shopify. That is why top health and wellness brands choose Littledata's powerful plug-and-play app.

Geologie Product

How Geologie harnessed accurate subscription data to drive +25% customer retention

Geologie works to make people's lives better with healthier skin. Their customer reviews speak for the results of their product but they needed a better way to measure their marketing attribution and subscription analytics. So, they tried Littledata as a short-term solution—but with the results—continued using the app.

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Connect the dots with accurate tracking and data collection

We have intentionality behind our integrations.

We know what tools top brands are using to drive growth. From engagement, subscription, and paid ad campaigns we capture and send complete data from your platform source to top destinations.

Have a few minutes? Get started now by installing our app in your store for 30-days free.

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