Fashion & Apparel stores capture 100% conversions

We make it easy for you to track, send, and use your data.

Littledata Connections

Track more data and connections in a few clicks

Fashion and apparel brands are growing and customers continue to demand personalized shopping experience. With accurate conversions, Life Time Value (LTV), and full-funnel tracking from social to checkout you can optimize your campaigns.

johnnie-o fashion brand and Littledata

Track and send Shopify data to Segment

By adopting Littledata's Shopify source for Segment, johnnie-O quickly transformed the way it leverages customer data to improve communications and enhance the overall customer experience.

Littledata for fashion brands

Google Analytics 4 is your ecommerce powerhouse:

You've built great brand and loyal customer—now is the time to get granular with your data and tech stack. Littledata works with many of the top third party apps in the ecommerce space and sends that data to Google Analytics 4 out of the box. Quick highlights:

  • Complete user journeys with boosted accuracy from server-side tracking
  • Flexible reporting and explorations you can customize for those main ecommerce KPIs
  • Works with headless and multi-country stores
  • Better data to build out audiences and retarget in Google Ads

FluxFootwear Data

Boost paid media performance

Learn more by reading about how DTC brand Flux Footwear used Facebook CAPI to drive more effective advertising and overcome iOS updates.

  • Drive more effective retargeting with server-side tracking that sends data directly from your Shopify store to your chosen destination.
  • Click-to-connect to Facebook and Instagram Ads by Meta, TikTok, or Pinterest.
  • Understand demographics of high LTV customers in order to drive more effective creative and campaigns

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