Looker Studio Reports for Recharge Subscriptions

Build better subscription reports in Looker Studio with best in class tracking from Littledata

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Looker Studio ecommerce template for Recharge Subscriptions

Once your tracking and data collection is sorted using Littledata—try using our complimentary Looker Studio Report Template for Recharge Subscriptions, which includes:

  • Overview: Total Revenue, Recurring Order Revenue, First Time Order Revenue, Total Users, and Ecommerce Purchases
  • Total Revenue of First Time Orders by Source
  • Average Order value by channel
  • Items Purchased in First Time Subscriptions
  • Conversion Rate for First Time Purchasers
  • Total Revenue by Source like Facebook, Klaviyo, attentive, and other top tools and sources

What customers are saying

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"We use Littledata to split out our subscription orders in google analytics to give us improved reporting capacity."

“Given the complexity of bringing the development of our analytics in-house compared to the pricing and high level of support of Littledata, it really doesn’t make sense”

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"Littledata has been a critical part of our business getting the data we need to make informed decisions."

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Build better reporting with accurate data

Today brands are moving faster than ever. Developing new products, driving more creative campaigns, and personalization.

Having a simple report fueled by sophisticated tracking can help your team focus on top channels by first-time orders and even by Average Order Value (AOV).

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