Live Order Feed

Unlock instant insights with Littledata's feed for real-time orders. Ensure flawless tracking, view detailed order activity, and trust your data like never before.

Live Order Feed
Live orders for dtc brands

Orders summary

A quick snapshot to guarantee Littledata is tracking event data such as Order Value, Shipping Cost, and Order Affiliation. We've made it easy for you to see the break down of items, price, and quantity of each order.

tracking ids

Validate connections

Data pipelines don't need to be complex to maintain with our app humming in the background. Instantly see if your data is flowing properly. Our app confirms if orders are being sent to the right destinations.

Want to test the setup for yourself? You can send a test order, which is labeled in your destination, to confirm your data is flowing properly. No more guess work.

Already a customer? Check out your real-time orders:

your destinations

Tracking attribution

Littledata has expanded our integrations to the top ecommerce marketing channels like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok, and Pinterest. Confirm these are properly set up on each order by reviewing your tracking IDs in your live feed.

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