Are you missing ecommerce conversions in GA4?

Try our free GA4 Order Checker app to see if your Google Analytics properties are correctly tracking ecommerce conversion data. Powered by Littledata, which is used by 1500+ top merchants around the world.

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Free tool to check orders and revenue in GA4

Try our free tool to automatically audit your Google Analytics 4 setup. Shopify and BigCommerce merchants can easily run the order checker to see if you're capturing every ecommerce conversion in GA4, or if you need to make updates to your tracking. The GA4 Order Checker answers questions like:

  • Am I tracking conversions in GA4?
  • Does Shopify match GA?
  • Is revenue tracked correctly?

Google Ads

Accurate data is everything

Did you know that a typical DTC brand is missing 20-30% of transaction data? Google Analytics 4, the new version of Google Analytics, is making this even more difficult. But accurate conversion tracking is essential, letting you:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Compare marketing attribution across channels and devices
  • Build better audiences in Google Ads
  • Track subscriptions, orders and refunds

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