Connect Shopify with Facebook Conversions API (CAPI)

Send server-side Shopify data to Meta's Facebook Ads with Littledata's smart connections

Facebook CAPI

Supercharge your Facebook Ads’ impact

  • Unbiased reporting on Facebook performance
  • Better retargeting and audience building through server-side tracking
  • Make revenue data match in Shopify and Facebook
  • Complete ecommerce integration from the top-rated Shopify analytics app
  • Include fields such as Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Differentiate subscriptions from one-off purchases

Facebook CAPI

No developer needed

  • One-click install
  • Works automatically with Facebook CAPI
  • Sync with Shopify orders and subscriptions
  • Maintained by our analytics experts

Craft impactful ads and crush conversions

  • Improve Facebook marketing by increasing your Event Match Quality Score
  • Run dynamic product ad campaigns based on data you can trust
  • Reduce wasted spend with visibility into exactly what happens post-click
  • Build targeted lookalike audiences in Facebook and Instagram's Business Manager
  • Run in parallel with Meta Pixel to track Facebook Conversions
  • Deeper insights into conversion events


Why do I need Facebook Conversions API?

Conversions API (CAPI) is a Facebook Business Tool that lets advertisers share customer actions from their servers directly to Facebook. Facebook (Meta) is recommending that all advertisers switch to using CAPI to increase accuracy for targeting, retargeting, and audience building. This is especially important for ecommerce brands because so much depends on accurate checkout tracking. Server side api also allows you to overcome the obstacle of ios 14 update limiting client side tracking.

How is this better than Shopify’s Facebook sales channel?

Shopify's Facebook sales channel is great for small stores with a limited ad spend (as long as they aren't selling by subscription and have only one Pixel ID!), but serious DTC brands are using custom CAPI setups for better targeting and advanced audience building. Littledata's CAPI connection automates this complex process, automatically tracks and de-dupes checkout data -- including recurring transactions -- and improves your event match quality score.

How is this better than server-side Google Tag Manager (sGTM)?

Server-side GTM requires customers to spin up their own tracking servers on Google Cloud. This costs developer time for both setup and ongoing maintenance. In contrast, Littledata's connector is maintained by Littledata, and hosting costs are included.

Does Littledata's CAPI connection handle recurring orders?

Yes! Many of our customers sell via subscription, so tracking both the Shopify checkout and recurring orders generated by your subscription app is important. We also track the Subscribe event with a predicted_ltv (lifetime value) property to make audience building easier and more effective.

Complete solution for Shopify and Facebook Conversions API

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