How Shopify Stores can boost sales with first-party data

Curious what first-party data means to your ecommerce store? Download our comprehensive white paper.

shopify first party data white paper

What you'll learn about first-party data

Fresh off the press from the Littledata team and our partners is a newly released white paper—inside you will learn:

  • What first-party data is all about and how it works with client-side tracking
  • The impact of first-party data for Shopify stores using Google Analytics 4
  • Expert tips and advice from industry experts
  • How your company can get started with a quick worksheet included in the white paper

connect to ga4

Connect Shopify to Google Analytics 4

Having the right data collection and tracking in place will help your team understand customer behavior and optimize your advertising campaigns.

Upgrade your data layer in minutes. Our automated tracking technology is a breeze to install saving you hours of custom development. Get started with a 30-day free trial.

Our Shopify to Google Analytics connection is used by over 1500+ brands around the globe—join the family.

100+ five-star reviews
Used by Earth Fed Muscle
"I can’t say enough positive things about Littledata. It’s worth every penny. We used to have lots of missing orders and transaction data in GA, but now we have literally 100% accuracy and can compare our data between GA and Shopify to gather more useful insights."
Earth Fed Muscle
Used by Jimmy Joy
"Because of Littledata we can trust our data. As a brand that offers both single purchase & subscriptions, it's great that we can separate these data streams within GA4."
Jimmy Joy
Used by Geologie
“I had always looked at Littledata as a temporary solution, but given the complexity of bringing the development of our analytics in-house compared to the pricing and high level of support of Littledata, it really doesn’t make sense.”

Automate your collection of first-party data

Collect and send quality data without the hassle
Our team has designed a top rated Shopify app to solve your data tracking needs—we are always humming in the background of your store.
Client-side and server-side tracking for complete sales data and marketing attribution
Ongoing support for the very best Google data quality
All checkout funnel steps tracked


Will Littledata work with my other apps?

Littledata seamlessly integrates with many Shopify apps, including those from the App Store, private apps, and email marketing platforms. Our technology effortlessly tracks marketing channels, browsing behavior, checkout steps, and buying patterns.

Does Littledata work with the Shopify Checkout?

Yes, Littledata's Shopify to Google Analytics 4 connection employs both client-side and server-side tracking for 100% accurate data about your Shopify store in GA4. It seamlessly integrates with Shopify and Shopify Plus to capture all customer touchpoints, from sales to marketing and product performance.

How long does the app take to install?

An average time for customers is around 10 minutes. Our onboarding is self-serve and guides you through each step connecting the Littledata app to your Shopify store. If you need help setting up though tap the talk to sales button above our team would be glad to assist you.

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