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Track Yotpo Subscriptions in Facebook and GA4

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Advanced tracking for Yotpo Subscriptions

The ultimate solution for Shopify tracking now works for Yotpo Subscriptions! Own the data in GA4, the newest version of Google Analytics, as well as Facebook Ads and Google Ads. With Littledata + Yotpo Subscriptions you get:

  • Complete ecommerce tracking in GA4
  • Accurate conversion data, including one-off purchases, subscriptions and refunds
  • Marketing attribution for all transactions, including recurring orders
  • Custom dimensions for LTV

Shopify connections

How it works

  • Add the Littledata app to your store
  • We automatically start tracking everything that happens on your website, including Shopify checkout funnel steps and recurring orders from Yotpo Subscriptions
  • Our app works behind the scenes to track every transaction and tie it back to marketing channels
  • Own the data in GA4, Facebook Ads (via Conversions API), and more. Littledata is not a reporting app -- instead, we give you accurate data in the tools you already use!

track subscriptions in google analytics

What is Littledata?

Littledata is an ecommerce analytics connector for Shopify Plus stores. Our top-rated analytics app gives DTC brands an edge on the competition with accurate data across the customer lifecycle, including sales data, marketing attribution, and LTV tracking. Get the data you need in GA4 and more.

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