Improve ad performance on TikTok

With Littledata's Click-to-Connect integration for Shopify

TikTok Ads Server-side

Accurate conversions for targeting TikTok Ads

Littledata sends events directly from Shopify to TikTok via server-side tracking, allowing accurate audience and campaign building. Compared with TikTok's own Shopify app, this improves attribution in platform — allowing you to optimize campaigns with the highest ROAS.

TikTok event tracking

TikTok Event Tracking

Create campaigns that drive results with accurate tracking of ecommerce events like:

  • View Item List 
  • Page View
  • Add to Cart
  • Purchase (Conversion)
    This overcomes the ongoing iOS updates that are hindering tracking and analysis via conventional browser tracking.

TikTok Advanced Matching

No more dumb ads

Don't waste ad spend on customers who just purchased or are already subscribers. We use first-party data with TikTok's Advanced Matching to link ads to purchasers and optimize audiences.

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