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Improve tracking and ad performance with Littledata's app built for ecommerce analytics

TikTok Ads Server-side

The data you need to optimize ad delivery and build marketing audiences

Our integration allows for sharing web events directly from Shopify to TikTok VIA server-side tracking, which can provide deeper insights into customer journey for brands. This powerful connection improves the optimization, targeting, and measurement in TikTok's systems.

Improve audience building and ad performance by overcoming the continued iOS updates that are limiting your data and analytics through traditional browser tracking or also known as client side tracking.

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tiktok for shopify data

TikTok Event and Conversion Tracking

Create campaigns that drive more results due to accurate tracking and capture of ecommerce events like:

  • Pageview
  • View Content
  • Add to Cart
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Add Payment Info

Grab time with our expert team to learn more about our integration with Shopify and TikTok.

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