Advanced Google Analytics integration for Stay Ai subscriptions

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First-party tracking for Shopify and Stay Ai

Littledata is the top-rated analytics connector for stores selling by subscription. Automatically track Stay Ai subscriptions and tie them back to the original marketing channel.

  • Track one-off purchases, first-time payments and recurring transactions
  • Accurate marketing attribution and LTV data
  • Detailed checkout funnel tracking
  • Server-side tracking for 100% accurate data

Littledata Ecommerce tracking

Ecommerce tracking for Shopify in Google Analytics

Littledata's Shopify app uses server-side tracking and the latest gtag tracker to capture ecommerce behaviour. Tracking includes:

  • Exact order volumes
  • Marketing attribution
  • Checkout steps
  • Product list details & CTR
  • Product variants (colour, size, etc)

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