Google Analytics integration for Smartrr subscriptions

Scale faster with complete sales and marketing data about your members and subscribers. Free 30-day trial on all plans.

Google Analytics
Ultimate solution for Shopify tracking

Get complete Shopify and Smartrr data in the tools you already use

The ultimate solution for Shopify tracking now works for Smartrr too!

  • Own the data in Segment or Google Analytics Complete sales data, including one-off purchases, subscriptions and refunds Marketing attribution for all transactions, including recurring orders Custom dimensions for LTV GTM data layer

Smartrr Subscription Data

Send subscription data to Segment or Google Analytics

  • Get complete data on one-off purchases from Shopify and recurring orders from Smartrr
  • Send the data to Segment or Google Analytics
  • Build reports, find lookalike audiences or trigger workflows
  • Yes, it's that simple...or should we say smartrr!

Scale faster with the top ecommerce data platform

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