Fix your Shop.App tracking in Google Analytics

Littledata tracks Shop, Shop Pay and more, directly in GA4

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Know the difference between Shop app sales and referrals

Shopify's Shop app has over 500k 5-star reviews, and even more users. But how do you know what's really working? Littledata captures every conversion on Shopify and Shop -- and correctly attributes referrals -- so you can get back to business.

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Track payment data from Shop Pay

Shop Pay is an accelerated checkout that allows customers to save data like billing address, credit card info and more to save time in the checkout process and complete future transactions faster. Littledata tracks payment gateways like Shop Pay, Paypal and Affirm directly within Google Analytics (GA4).

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GA4 tracking that works automatically

A leader in the space since 2017, Littledata is the top-rated analytics solution for Shopify merchants:

  • Order volumes in Shopify match Google Analytics
  • Accurate, unbiased marketing attribution across the user journey
  • Complete ecommerce schema with granular details about checkout funnels steps and buying behavior
  • Works with headless sites and multi-currency setups, including Shopify Markets

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