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Advanced Google Analytics integration for Ordergroove subscriptions

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ordergroove subscriptions

Advanced Google Analytics tracking for recurring revenue

The ultimate solution for Shopify tracking now works for Ordergroove too! Own the data in GA4, the newest version of Google Analytics:

  • Accurate conversion data, including one-off purchases, subscriptions and refunds
  • Marketing attribution for all transactions, including recurring orders
  • Custom dimensions for LTV
  • GTM data layer

Subscription analytics for ordergroove

What is Ordergroove?

Ordergroove helps Shopify Plus merchants maximize their recurring revenue by shifting one-and-done transactions to ongoing, predictable relationships through subscriptions. As the first subscription solution integrated into Shopify’s checkout, Ordergroove has helped brands such as Intelligentsia, Versed Skincare, and Flow Hydration eliminate the need for duplicate product catalogs and marketing promotions while maintaining conversion funnel tracking. Learn more about Ordergroove's Shopify integration.

track subscriptions in google analytics

What is Littledata?

Littledata is an ecommerce analytics connector for Shopify Plus stores. Our top-rated analytics app gives DTC brands an edge on the competition with accurate data across the customer lifecycle, including sales data, marketing attribution, and LTV tracking. Send the data back to Google, Facebook, GA4 and more.

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How Littledata tracks Ordergroove subscriptions

  • Users and products are tracked through the Shopify checkout
  • Recurring orders triggered by Ordergroove are linked to the marketing source of the first order
  • One-time orders can be separated from recurring orders in a Google Analytics view
  • Server-side tracking works behind the scenes -- no maintenance required!

Connect Ordergroove with Google Analytics

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