Meta Conversions API integration

Increase marketing ROI with complete ecommerce data in Meta. Run better Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Meta Conversions API
Connect Shopify and Meta Conversions API

Server-side tracking for Facebook and Instagram

Meta recommends that all brands move to Conversions API (CAPI) to counter iOS updates and other browser privacy changes. With Littledata's app, you no longer need to hire an agency to implement server-side tracking. Our Meta CAPI connection works automatically behind the scenes to enable better retargeting, reporting and audience building.

Better Shopify targeting with Meta Conversions API

Unlock the power of Meta's Conversions API

  • Better retargeting and audience building -- average 30% increase in ROAS
  • Differentiate subscriptions (recurring orders) from one-off purchases with native support for Recharge, Smartrr, Ordergroove, Stay Ai and more
  • Track customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • Get the highest possible Event Match Quality Score
  • Make revenue data match in Shopify match Meta


The truth is in the data

In 2021, Meta announced that they had been underreporting iOS web conversions by approximately 15%. In response, Meta developed the Conversions API as a "simple, reliable and privacy-safe connection between your marketing data, such as website events and offline conversions, and Facebook."

  • Larger brands are cutting acquisition costs by up to 50% after implementing CAPI
  • Shopify's Facebook channel works for very small stores, but misses key checkout funnel events and recurring orders, not to mention details like ViewContent events!
  • Littledata solves these issues automatically

Try the proven solution for Facebook CAPI

Littledata vs Facebook sales channel

TrackingLittledata appFacebook & Instagram app
Page View✔️✔️
View Content✔️✔️
Server-side Purchase✔️Unrealiable
Event Match Quality Score for Purchase97
Server-side Add to Cart✔️minus
Server-side Initiate Checkout✔️minus
Server-side Add Payment Info✔️minus
Recurring Purchases & Upsells✔️minus
Life Time Value (LTV) field✔️minus

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