Better performing flows in Klaviyo

Server-side triggers for Klaviyo email and SMS campaigns

Retarget abandoned carts in Klaviyo

Retarget abandoned carts

Get higher performing abandoned cart flows in Klaviyo, using Littledata's enhanced identity resolution to link anonymous sessions with users who opted in to emails.

Our server-side integration for Klaviyo is in public beta. Join hundreds of Shopify brands getting a 40%+ uplift to their Klaviyo flows after just 10 minutes of setup.

Klaviyo browse abandonment flows

Reduce browse abandonment

Littledata's server-side Viewed Product event helps you retarget users higher up the funnel with email & SMS.

  • Track Viewed Product event without any code changes
  • Bypasses adblocking and cookie-blocking limitations
  • Trigger splits by any product property, e.g. product category

How we compare

FeatureLittledata integrationKlaviyo <> Shopify integrationOther solutions
GDPR / CCPA Compliant✔️✔️minus
Uses fully opted-in email lists✔️✔️minus
Server-side Identity Resolution✔️minusminus
Server-side Added to Cart event✔️minusminus
Server-side Viewed Product event✔️minusminus
Tracks first step of the checkout✔️minus✔️
Benefits of Littledata's technology
Optimizing campaigns in Klaviyo starts with the reliable capture of event data that can be linked back to an Klaviyo profile.
More reliable server-side triggers
Identification after email clicks, even with ad blockers
Anonymous profiles can be back-filled for up to 12 months

Helping you win with Klaviyo

Join these brands getting phenomenal increases in Klaviyo Attributed Revenue (KAV)

BrandAdded to Cart audience sizeKAV boost from retargeting
Skin care brand A+ 125%+ 185%
Fashion brand B+ 54%+ 90%
Coffee brand C+ 845%Up from zero
Health brand D+ 59%+ 67%
Scale faster with Littledata Plus

Scale faster with Littledata Plus

Littledata Plus is the go-to option for larger merchants and anyone ready to scale the smart way.

  • Managed onboarding
  • Flow setup audits
  • Multiple country stores
  • Higher event thresholds and SLAs

Talk to us about improving Klaviyo identity resolution

Klaviyo SMS tracking in Google Analytics

Track Klaviyo SMS in Google Analytics

  • Complete SMS tracking to see what happens post-click
  • Checkout funnel tracking for better retargeting
  • Customer lifetime value (LTV) for smarter segmentation and analysis
  • Compare Klaviyo Attributed Value (KAV) with Google's data-driven attribution

Track Klaviyo email flows in Google Analytics

Track Klaviyo email campaigns in Google Analytics

  • Complete tracking for Klaviyo email campaigns and automations
  • See what happens before and after email interactions
  • Compare Klaviyo performance against other channels, such as Facebook Ads
  • Deep integration with Recharge and other subscription apps

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