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The six-figure fix: How clean data fueled Flux Footwear's growth

Learn how Flux Footwear's data-driven approach has skyrocketed their sales

The six-figure fix: How clean data fueled Flux Footwear's growth

Learn how Flux Footwear's data-driven approach has skyrocketed their sales

Headless Shopify tracking

Headless Shopify tracking

Littledata tracks headless Shopify setups in Segment or Google Analytics.

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Subscription tracking

Subscription tracking

Subscription based ecommerce is easier when you make better decisions, driven by data.

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Multi-currency support for Shopify

With Littledata’s secret sauce, get accurate multi-currency tracking and better support for Shopify and Shopify Plus.

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Are the plan thresholds monthly or annual?

The plan thresholds are monthly. We base the threshold on your last 30 days of orders, as measured in Shopify or BigCommerce.

Do you support headless Shopify?

Absolutely! Littledata offers seamless headless Shopify tracking, including for Hydrogen, to Segment or Google Analytics.

Do you offer account management?

All Littledata plans include world-class customer support. Littledata Plus plans offer even more support, with a dedicated account manager and analytics training.

Can I pay by invoice?

You are welcome to pay by invoice for annual plans. Contact Us to request an annual contract.

Does this work with Google Analytics?

Yes, Google Analytics is our most popular destination for Shopify and BigCommerce data. Littledata's GTM data layer makes it easy to get useful data in Google Analytics, with deep GA4 integration to support the newest version of Google Analytics.

Does this work with Segment?

Yes, we worked with Segment to develop a seamless Shopify source for Segment. Popular Segment destinations include Klaviyo, Iterable, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, and data warehouses such as Snowflake, Redshift and BigQuery.

Is there an extra charge for Facebook Conversions API integration?

Yes, Facebook CAPI is an additional data destination that incurs an additional monthly charge. Brands that successfully implement Facebook CAPI see an average 30%+ improvement in ROAS. Please Contact Us for custom pricing based on your advertising needs.

Does one plan cover multiple country stores / sites?

We support multi-currency tracking on all plans, but unless you are on a Littledata Plus plan, you will need to pay per country store (e.g. one Standard plan for your Australian store, one Standard plan for your UK store).

ProductLittledata Littledata Plus
Connect Shopify with Google Analytics
Connect Shopify with Segment
Deep GA4 integration
Server-side tracking
Automated setup
GTM data layer
Lifetime value (LTV) tracking
Payment gateway tracking
Subscription tracking (eg. Recharge)
Headless setup
Multiple country stores included
Import previous Shopify orders and customers into Segment
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SupportLittledataLittledata Plus
Email support and tickets
Chat support
Phone support
Video support
Shopify Plus support
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ServicesLittledataLittledata Plus
Onboarding services
Account monitoring
Dedicated account manager
Custom tracking plan
Analytics training
Manual data audits
Guaranteed uptime
Enterprise SLA
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