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Littledata gives technology leaders the power of data-driven decision-making. We help online stores connect with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Shopify to collect accurate data for better customer behavior insights across all areas — making key decisions easier than ever before!

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Check out these rave reviews about our "exceptional customer service" and how the app automatically enhances your Google Analytics data, even for headless Shopify Plus setups.

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Why Google Analytics doesn't match your Shopify data

Shopify Analytics vs. Google Analytics: Why don't they match?

Shopify's default analytics misses tracking on 12 out of every 100 orders. That leaves you unaware of your true sales performance and marketing attribution, and what actions your customers are taking at key touchpoints along their buying journey.

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Leverage Accurate Data in Your Tech Stack

Powerful Server-side Tracking

Powerful Server-side Tracking

Tracking and audit tools give you truly accurate data. Custom app stacks fuel growth without wasting resources or time.

A Single Source of Truth

A Single Source of Truth

Server and client-side tracking automatically fix attribution and make your data destination the single source of truth.

Custom Themes Welcome

Custom Themes Welcome

Connections that fit your custom store build and track recurring orders, product page conversion rates, and attribution.

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