Not another dashboard. Fix your your data in GA4.

Our customers save hours of development hours implementing and maintaining their data layer


Ecommerce data for strategic planning and growth.

Install in 5 minutes for streamlined analytics, where every step of the customer journey is at your fingertips, leading to enhanced growth and optimization opportunities in Google Analytics, Meta, TikTok, Pinterest and more.

How Littledata works

Fix your data layer—automatically

Unlock your true sales performance and marketing attribution, and what actions your customers are taking throughout the buying journey. Our app is easy to install and uses server-side tracking to ensure no key events are missed.

What does it cost?

100% conversions tracked server-side

Powerful Server-side Tracking

Powerful Server-side Tracking

Tracking and audit tools give you truly accurate data. Custom app stacks fuel growth without wasting resources or time.

A Single Source of Truth

A Single Source of Truth

Server and client-side tracking automatically fix attribution and make your data destination the single source of truth.

Custom Themes Welcome

Custom Themes Welcome

Connections that fit your custom store build and track recurring orders, product page conversion rates, and attribution.

headless headless

New headless build? We can track that.

Littledata goes beyond quick fixes to provide complete tracking across sales, marketing and customer behavior. From one-off purchases to refunds and recurring orders, understand performance on a deeper level.

Ready to get much more from Google Analytics?

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