Littledata Startups - Start, Build, and Grow.

Monthly plan to help ecommerce startups scale with accurate data

Littledata Startups

Who can apply?

  • Companies that were incorporated less than 24 months ago
  • Companies that have received less than $2mil investment

Littledata Startups

What does the Startup plan entail?

  • First 50 orders per month free
  • 50% discount on the Standard plan for the 1st year
  • Unlimited connections
  • Managed onboarding
  • Quarterly analytics check-in call

Littledata Flux Footwear

Startup Story: Learn how Flux Footwear Grew 500% launching with Littledata

See how Flux launched their Shopify store using Littledata for tracking and accurate data. Giving way to time saved and some serious revenue growth:

  • Using First-Party data for customer demographics
  • By building up historical data in GA4 now
  • Through Improved Facebook Ad performance and marketing attribution
  • Saving hours on setup and training

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