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Littledata's Shopify app and consulting services include analytics setup, custom dashboards and automated reporting.

Mixpanel setup

Mixpanel setup

  • In-depth analytics audit to identify gaps in your current setup
  • Selection and implementation of the optimal tracking solution, such as Universal Analytics, Enhanced Ecommerce, Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • Advanced setup, including custom dimensions, CRM integration and multi-site dashboards

Accurate ecommerce tracking

Ecommerce tracking

  • Drive revenue with analytics at every customer touch point
  • Improve product listings, categories and pricing
  • Optimise checkout steps with detailed analytics about cart activity and shopping behaviour
  • Increase marketing ROI with in-depth data for dynamic retargeting

Ecommerce reporting

Custom reporting

  • Beautiful custom reports in a personalised dashboard
  • Actionable analytics specific to your business model, based on custom conversion goals
  • Connect marketing channels with revenue and customer lifetime value
  • Understand where your customers come from and how they interact with your site

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