Littledata and Dwight Funding

Scale faster with flexible funding and accurate data to power your growth

Littledata and Dwight Funding

We're partnering with Dwight to help brands scale the smart way

Our partnership empowers growing DTC brands to thrive by providing them with seamless access to the tools they need, whether capital, expertise, or data to drive decision making and growth strategy. With many brands looking to bring down their CAC and shore up their financing, we teamed up to help them with just that.

Littledata Connections

About Littledata

Littledata is the top data connector for Shopify and Shopify Plus. The ecommerce platforms makes it easy to send accurate ecommerce data to Google Analytics (including GA4), Facebook Conversions API (CAPI), Segment, or any downstream reporting tool or data warehouse.

  • Accurate data to fit your tracking plan
  • Automatic sales tracking, including refunds and subscriptions
  • Complete marketing attribution thanks to both client-side and server-side tracking (beat the ad blockers!)
  • Works automatically for any Shopify store, including headless setups
  • Account management from an analytics expert

About Dwight Funding

Dwight Funding is the trusted credit partner to modern DTC brands. They provide flexible lines of credit and term loans to rapidly scaling businesses, whether investor-backed or bootstrapped. Dwight’s portfolio companies get the frictionless, intuitive experience of a fintech, along with the reliability, expertise & network of a trusted advisor. Bottomline, exceptional brands deserve an exceptional credit partner.

  • Avoid stockouts with flexible credit lines that scale with production
  • Easily meet lead time / MOQ requirements by tapping on your working capital
  • Access Dwight's industry insights and extensive network of investors & advisors
  • Extend your runway

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