Is your data haunted?

Integrating Google Analytics with Shopify or BigCommerce can be a horror story, but we’ve got you covered. Get Littledata’s ghost hunters guide to unearthing phantom data in Google Analytics

Making decisions based on bad data — now that’s spooky

For data-driven DTC stores, accuracy is everything. Otherwise, you could face some frightening consequences. In this guide, we discuss:

  • How to fix your ecommerce tracking
  • The top tools to help you do it
  • The most common issues we see in analytics setups
  • How to start making data-driven decisions for your store

Pull the skeletons out of your analytics tracking

No need for any witchcraft, our combined server-side and client-side tracking does all the magic for you, leaving you with complete and accurate data right at the source.

Download the Checklist

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