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Shopify vs. Google Analytics: Why don’t they match?

If you’re a Shopify store owner using both Shopify Analytics and Google Analytics, you’re probably familiar with the often large discrepancies between the two tracking systems. What causes the data mismatch? And how can you solve it?


For every 100 orders in Shopify, 12 go missing

If you’re using Shopify’s default Google Analytics tracking, you might have noticed that the revenue you see in Google Analytics never matches what you see in the Shopify dashboard. This is a big problem: missing orders means orders that can’t be attributed to marketing campaigns, whether those channels are paid or organic.

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How to add Google Analytics to Shopify

Google Analytics is the world’s most popular marketing analytics platform, used by over 98% of online stores. Shopify is the world’s most popular ecommerce platform, used by over two million merchants. But the two don’t work together automatically.

calculate customer lifetime value (LTV) for Shopify customers

Calculate customer lifetime value for ecommerce using Google Analytics

Customer lifetime value is the best indicator for your ecommerce store’s overall performance; LTV helps measure churn, project profits, and aide in decision making. Learn two ways to calculate LTV using Google Analytics data.

Why doesnt Shopify match GA

Why doesn’t Google Analytics match Shopify Analytics?

The age-old question: Why doesn't Google Analytics match Shopify? In this ebook, we dissect some common issues with Google Analytics before providing a solution to fix your ecommerce tracking once and for all.

subscription tracking for shopify stores

Learn more about your customer’s behavior with advanced checkout analysis

Ecommerce analytics are tricky enough to begin with; add subscription services on top of that and you’re dealing with a whole other animal! That’s why we’ve built the solution for tracking subscription analytics easily!

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Does Littledata work with my ecommerce reporting tool?

In addition to Google Analytics, Littledata connects with a myriad of other ecommerce reporting tools. We uncover the tools we work with — Segment, Google Data Studio, Tableau, and more! — and how those connections work in this blog post.

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